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November 24, 2018 9:57 pm  #1

Cov in the cup

The management have placed all their cards face up on the deck & have effectively declared that the away games in this competition are to be regarded as development fixtures.
After last week’s match long display of dropsy by the first team squad you had to be there to appreciate how encouraging this display by a scratch XXII was.
The first few minutes were even but on their first incursion into our 22 they scored out wide with some ease. An attempt was made by loanee Sirker to run the re-start from deep & another wide score resulted both well converted by ex Notts man Maisey.
By 15 they had made 3 attacks & scored 3 converted tries as all our mistakes were being punished &@ 21-0 it looked a very long afternoon ahead with nothing to show for it.
Against expectation we came right into the game & Farnworth was driven over from 5 yards. Those of us who remembered Darryl’s kicking at Bedford a couple of years ago were pleasantly surprised to see him pot the conversion. The decent spell continued & Farnworth was just held up. Goble was showing well at this stage. A second try followed after we had been repelled at short range – a terrific break by Murray enabled Peters to score by the posts. 21-14.
It was more than surprising to see our maul being effective against a Cov outfit that had made between them 95 starts & 44 sub appearances before today. Their backs in particular were very close to their league first choices.
Cov got a BP try before HT as did Leeds via the Wollaton native the speedster Trimble & @ 26-14 appeared to have restored order... However more good work by Murray enabled a further Farnworth score. Darryl’s kick which was not a gimme & part of 5/5 was no longer a novelty.
HT 26-21 & not what was predicted at 21-0.
The position improved even more on 47 with the maul working once again, the ball was fed to Goble on the crash and astonishingly we led 26-28. Peters and Owen had been subbed at HT.
It took them more than 5 minutes to restore order as Onojaife was binned for not retreating from a tapped pen within the 22. They scored from a drive.
Our set piece in general worked well in all facets & not for the first time Graham came in off his wing to collect off a scrum & to this time run down the 10 channel which led to a walk in by the posts for Cardall. 33-35 - this past the hour. They brought on their most experienced front row men and after ignoring a 3 to edge ahead they were rewarded with a score following a series of close range drives. Immediately thereafter much their best backs move of the match resulted in a final score of 45-35.
Injury watch – nothing obvious.
Next up – er Cov the first promoted club for years where everybody’s expectation was that they would definitely not go straight back down. Today’s win was their 6th from 7 competitive home games.
Overall far more encouraging than I expected. Our young lads did not look out of their depth in this sort of encounter.


January 29, 2019 6:43 pm  #2

Re: Cov in the cup

Will the Blackhawks beat out Penguins for  the Cup?  Looks like Boston & NJD will be out. What are your predictions?


February 11, 2019 1:34 am  #3

Re: Cov in the cup

Brazil was boring yesterday. But thats typical them: they play some awful match, then they win the world cup. BTW, what happened to Ronaldo? Hes just terrible now. Whats wrong with him?


February 23, 2019 6:21 pm  #4

Re: Cov in the cup

We are so bummed. We cut the cord 6 months ago and stream/watch local channels with an antenna and we cant watch the world cup


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