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February 12, 2018 1:12 pm  #11

Re: Hartpury

Just another bizarrely conservative Costello selection in the back row and three quarters, based upon packing the team with 'senior' players and filling the remaining places around them. No doubt, some selections would be defended on the basis of being in the leadership group but are you a leader if you're not performing well?
On form and ability, how would you not start with a back row of Morris, Coughlan and Poullet? And as for the three quarters,we've a 12 who seems to be 'the chosen one', though what he brings to the team escapes me, another 12 playing at 13, who is clearly unsuited to the role and two wings without any great pace. At least Millett would have brought some flair into the centres.
You don't need to be Eddie Jones to recognise that our most potent line up would be:
11 Cobden  12 Millett  13 Evans  14 Williams. Granted, two of them are currently injured but why shunt Millett to the wing and why doesn't Williams get a run of games. He's in and out of the team despite scoring in more games than he doesn't and having genuine pace. Whilst Robinson is a steady player, one try this season, having played virtually every game, is no great return for a wing.
Players who can give us impetus or be game changers in tight matches just aren't being given enough opportunities. Any chance you'll cash in early on your investment Wasps?? 


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